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Eric Pettinger Lake Construction

VILLA LAGOS attests to the lake construction skills of Eric Pettinger. Eric's 30+ yrs of skiing and construction experience give him the knowledge to assist you with your lake site selection, design and excavation. Eric can help make your lake dream a reality.

For quotes as well as more information about getting your own ski lake built please Contact Eric.

What to Consider When Choosing Property for Your Lake Site

  • Soil type - Will it compact to hold water? DIG TEST HOLES!! Look for clay that cracks when it dries. Stay away from gravel and sand.

  • Permit cost and time - excavation, sewer, dock and other facilities.

  • Water source - 40-50 acre feet to fill, additional 40-50 acre feet per year to maintain. Volume between 500 and 1,000 gallons/minute. Domestic well water availability.

  • Electrical power - availability and cost/foot to extend.

  • Acreage - amount to get the length needed will depend on the shape of the parcel. Prevailing wind and where the sun rises and sets.

  • Length - minimum of 1800 feet, most lakes are about 2300 feet.

  • Accessibility - roads into property, paved/gravel.

  • Neighbors - having and maintaining good relations, dust and noise complaints, etc.

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